Sitemap - 2023 - Traction Thinking

🧠 Deep dive β€” how to design the strongest possible value prop

🚦 3-2-1 Traction: vibes β‰  data

🧠 Deep dive β€” to find product market fit faster, focus on this metric

🚦 3-2-1 Traction β€” you can’t steer a stationary ship

🧠 Deep dive β€” Slow Startup Suicide: how to kill your startup and never know why

🚦 3-2-1 Traction β€” your idea sucks (and that’s fantastic)

🚦 3-2-1 Traction β€” what founders get wrong about pitching

🚦 3-2-1 Traction β€” the only 3 things I care about in a pitch

🚦 3-2-1 Traction β€” taking the β€œhow” shovel to your go-to-market

🚦 3-2-1 Traction β€” the most compelling ideas to invest in

🚦 3-2-1 Traction β€” don’t disrupt what works

🚦 3-2-1 Traction β€” a pitch too clever by half

🚦 3-2-1 Traction: Celebrating the shitty first draft

🚦 3-2-1 Traction β€” Founder-market fit matters more than product-market fit

New: 🚦 3-2-1 Traction β€” solving problems is easy!

🚦 3-2-1 Traction β€” evidence, efficiency, and the double diamond

New: 🚦 3-2-1 Traction β€” growth hacking, advisory boards, and pitch deck prettiness

3-2-1 Traction: Venture studios, hidden risk, and the beginner’s mind

🚦 3-2-1 Traction β€” the drivers of momentum, key SaaS benchmarks, and my dumb mistake

An odd week for me β€” and a quick favour from you

3-2-1 Traction: Woo-woo, ontic experimental realism, and why you can’t create culture

3-2-1 Traction: Cofounders, prototypes, and (believe it or not) yoga pants

3-2-1 Traction: Strong teams, burnout, and who becomes an entrepreneur

🚦 3-2-1 Traction β€” is AI a bubble? Also, original pitches suck!

🚦3-2-1 Traction β€” disengaged customers, creative destruction, and the competition we ignore

🚦 3-2-1 Traction β€” the impact on creativity of smelling your own farts

Office hours is back β€” with a vengeance

🧠 Deep dive β€” where I answer your questions

Failure is data, except when it’s not

Will the competition steal your idea? It’s complicated.

Ugh β€” enough about grit already!